Go to work, send your kids to school

Follow fashion, act normal

Walk on the pavements, watch T.V.

Save for your old age, obey the law

Repeat after me,

I am free



Gavin finished his last trip around the kitchen island and danced towards the door. “Hes got looks that books take pages to tell, and a face to bring you to your knees,” he sang as he threw the door open. Grin like Cheshire himself, he spun and held out his hand, “Pardner. You ready to wrassle down some little furry bundles of adorablicity?” The catfood he’d bought on impulse sat in a small pyramid atop the tv behind him. “Welcome to the original site of the Gaviland royal palace. Just wait. Itll be the coolest continent as a country ever. Australia wont know what hit it.” With a quick inhale, he realized he was babbling. Gavin moved out of the way of the door.

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Posted on Aug. 04, 2012
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    "My baby!" Gavin threw back another hastey gulp straight from the bottle, " I mean. Our baby? Fuck I dont know. Lez get...
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    "Oh, of course we’ll love and support him," said the Englishman, examining his empty glass with sort of poignancy....